Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

This is a simple and easy way to make a beginner's level paracord bracelet.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Required

  • About 10 feet of paracord
  • a lighter
  • at least 10 minutes of your time

Step 2: Getting Started

First, you will need to take your rope and cut it to about 10 feet, it isn't an exact science. Next, burn the frayed ends closed with your lighter so that the rope is easier to work with. Bring the two ends to each other and move to the other end. Measure about 6 inches out from this bend (plus or minus how big your wrist is, but don't exceed an inch) make a loop at your measured mark and tie the ropes as shown in the first image. Once you have done that, tie the ropes as shown in the second image and tighten, which should make it look like image 3.

Step 3: Continue Stitching

Now, tie the ends according to the first image. Naturally, should look like image 2. Side note- You will want to shrink the two top loops(I call them ears)until they are a little wider than the rope itself. Repeat this process until the inch loop you made only has about an inch to a half-inch left. Take your rope ends and feed them through this loop and through the 2 loops you made in the beginning. Tie them together to prevent the bracelet from falling off, and enjoy! This is a very straightforward project and should provide you with something to do when you're bored.