Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Lanyard!

Supplies needed will be 10.5 feet of paracord. It's best to have the extra few inches so that when you finish and cut the remainder of the cord, you still have 10 feet used in the completed lanyard. I'm using 550 mil-spec paracord with 7 inner strands, but you can use other types of paracord, utility cord, line, or rope that is a similar size to paracord.

Also needed are scissors, a tape measure, a candle ( lighter works also), a snap hook, and a key ring.

Find the center of the length of cord and tie a knot with about 2 loop left.

Once you've finished the loop, you should find that the free ends of the cord are of equal lenght. If not, adjust the knot/loop to even the lengths.

Now you can loop the free ends over your swivel clip/snap hook/or keyring a couple of times and tighten that up so theres a 5 inch space between the lanyard knot/loop and the base of the clip/hook/keyring.

Once you have the 5 inch length and have looped the cord onto your chosen attachment, you'll start your cobra stitches(Here is how to do the cobra weave.. working down toward the lanyard knot. Don't make the knots too tight or too loose.

Make each knot with the same amount of tension keeping them even as you go

Once you have finished going down the paracord you'll turn it around and start making your king cobra stitches(Here is how to do the King Cobra Stitch.. over the first layer working your way back toward your attachment.

Make sure that the king cobra knots evenly overlap the knots below. You'll be pulling these knots tighter(not too tight, just a firm tug on each knot) than you did with the first set on stitches. Take the time to make sure they stay neat over the underlying knots.

Don't expect to get it right the first time. Every time I try a variation, it's a learning experience for me.
Now for finishing up. Pull the remaining cords to tighten up the last knot and closely trim off one side of the excess cord.

Use your candle of lighter to melt the end you just cut. I wait a couple of seconds then use my scissors to press the melted end so that it securely attaches to the surrounding cord. Just make sure it's a good melt so it holds well. You can now tighten up the other extra end and cut/melt and press it to finish up.

When you're done, you can loop the end onto a keychain, knife, ml ti-tool, flashlight, backpack, wallet, keys etc...

I hope that you find this helpful and can complete your very own paracord lanyard!

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