Introduction: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!

In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating how to make a standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is a perfect snack or meal for those on a budget or in a rush.

Imagine: You are hungry and in need of a meal. In your pantry, you have peanut butter, jelly, and bread. You are not sure how to combine these ingredients to make a sandwich, so you come to our tutorial for advice! Enjoy!

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients for the Sandwich

Collect all of your ingredients needed for this sandwich. You’re going to want:

1. Peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, your choice, we used crunchy)

2. Jelly (flavor of your choice, we used grape)

3. Sandwich bread (white or wheat, we used white)

4. Plates to eat the sandwich on

5. Butter knife

Optional items:

· Disposable gloves

· Tablespoon (for measurement)

Step 2: Put Gloves on (optional)

Put on gloves for an added sanitary factor. We will be wearing gloves for this demonstration.

Step 3: Pull Out Two Slices of Bread

Pull out two slices of bread and lay side by side on the plate.

Step 4: Open Peanut Butter and Jelly

Open the peanut butter and jelly and remove any added seals in order to use the product.

Tip: Stir peanut butter if necessary to make a smoother mixture and distribute the oil that may have settled. Ours was fine so we skipped this step.

Step 5: Spread the Peanut Butter Onto One Slice of Bread

Get preferred amount of peanut butter onto the knife (for an accurate serving size, get about 2 tablespoons) and spread onto one slice of the bread evenly.

Step 6: Spread the Jelly Onto the Other Slice of Bread

Get preferred amount of jelly onto the knife (for an accurate serving size, get about 1 tablespoon) and spread onto one slice of the bread evenly.

Step 7: Combine the Two Slices

Combine the two slices together quickly. Try to match the two slices as close as possible so the crust is evenly matched on both sides so the sandwich is more appetizing and less messy.

Step 8: Cut Off the Crusts (optional)

Cut the crusts of the sandwich off using the butter knife. This step is optional for people who prefer no crusts.

Step 9: Cut Into Half

Cut the sandwich diagonally or in half down the middle depending on your preference.

Step 10: Clean Up Your Workspace

Clean up your workspace by closing the peanut butter and jelly, replacing the bread tie on the opening of the bread bag, washing your knife and disposing of your gloves.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Sandwich

The final step is to enjoy your sandwich! Whether you want to eat it on the go or enjoy with a glass of milk is all up to you.