Introduction: How to Make a Phone Holder Out of LEGO

This is a Basic Phone or Tablet holder made of LEGO Technic Pieces.

Step 1: Gather Your Pieces

What you will need:

  • 2 grey brackets with 5 circle holes, and 2 cross holes
  • 2 white brackets with 2 long round slots, 8 circle holes, and 2 cross holes
  • 1 white rod with 5 circle holes
  • 1 short cross rod (1 inch long)
  • 1 medium cross rod (1 1/2 inches long)
  • 1 long cross rod (2 3/4 inches long)
  • 2 very short cross rods (5/8 inches long)
  • 2 long circle rods
  • 4 cross/circle rods
  • 1 cross rod with end cap (5/8 inches long)
  • 6 small yellow cross hole end caps
  • 1 long grey cross hole end cap
  • 1 grey cross hole with circle hole on the end
  • 1 bracket thing that goes on the rods (You'll know what I mean if you look at the picture)
  • 2 grey circle post pieces with the circle hole in the middle
  • the piece with circle pegs on either side of the cross hole (also in the picture)

Step 2: Start to Build the Right Side

Lay the white bracket with the smaller edge facing to the left. Place one of the blue cross/circle pegs in the cross hole at the far left of the bracket. Add another one into the hole at the end.

Step 3: Add This Piece to the Right Side

Add the grey bracket to the pegs you put on in the last step. Cross peg goes in the cross hole, and the round peg in the round hole.

Step 4: Still Working on the Right Side

Flip what you have so far over so the grey piece points to the right. Add one of the round pegged rods with the round hole to the middle slot on the bottom of the white piece.

Step 5: Even More Work on the Right Side

Add your medium cross rod to the cross hole on the end of the grey bracket.

Step 6: Right Side... Still

Add your small cross rod to the top cross hole on the white bracket.

Step 7: You Guessed It, Still Right Side Work

Add your grey cap onto the short cross rod from the last step.

Step 8: This Right Side Is Getting Old

Add the same type of circle post piece you used on the bottom to just under the short rod.

Step 9: 404 Left Side Not Found

Add your two circle post rod to the slots just under the one used in the last step.

Step 10: Next to Last Right Side Step

Add a long circle post to the hole 2 down from the last one used.

Step 11: Finally Done With the Right Side

Add the second long circle post to the whole just under the last one.

Step 12: Beginning the Back Support

Get your white circle hole rod, the Grey Bracket thing, and the red cross posts. Place the grey bracket with the top piece over the hole in the middle of the rod. Place the red cross rods through both the white rod and the grey bracket.

Step 13: Back Support Stabilizer Part 1

Grab the long cross rod and put your first yellow cap on the end of it.

Step 14: Back Support Stabilizer Part 2

Add your second yellow cap onto the grey rod. The yellow cap should be a little past halfway down the grey rod.

Step 15: More Stabilizer (Part 3)

Slide the white rod piece onto the grey cross rod.

Step 16: Still Stabilizing (Part 4)

Place your next yellow cap on the other side of the white rod. Slide this whole section into the middle of the grey rod.

Step 17: Almost Done With That Stabilizer (Not the Last Part)

Put your next cap on the other end of the long grey rod.

Step 18: Getting Close Now (Close to Done Part)

Place your next yellow cap on the brown capped cross rod. slide this rod through the hole on the bracket.

Step 19: Next to Last Step for That Stabilizer. (Next to Last Part)

Place your final yellow cap on the other side of your bracket.

Step 20: Last Part of Your Stabilizer (Last Part)

Add your grey cross hole and round hole piece to the end of the brown rod.

Step 21: Left Side Is Totally a Thing Now

Place your last white bracket with the bottom piece pointing to the right. Place a blue cross/circle rod into the two holes you used on the right side.

Step 22: Left Side Is Already Finished!

Put your last piece (The Grey Bracket) on as shown in the picture. Round peg in round hole, cross peg in cross hole.

Step 23: Putting the Support on the Right Side

Align your stand so that the grey round hole is on top, and the white hole on the bottom. Slide it onto the brown pegs.

Step 24: Attaching the Left Side

Attach the left side to the remaining pegs on the right side. This can be tricky, but if you align all the pegs correctly, it should go together easy!