How to Make a Photorealistic Human Model for 3D Printing

Introduction: How to Make a Photorealistic Human Model for 3D Printing

I understand that this might not be the most useful thing, but it is incredibly cool and fun. I originally created this method to print 3D humans for a school project, we had to skip the 3D humans after a bit because they were too small to print properly (about 2 cm tall). When our tech coordinator told us about the Instructables Plastics contest, I knew this method could be amazing.

Step 1: Pick Your 3D Model

You will already need to use Adobe Maximo (an online program) so you can pick a model from their gallery or you can create your own in Maya (3D modeling software - difficult) or Adobe Fuse (3D mode software - easiest possible). Make sure your file is an .OBJ file.

Step 2: Pick Your Pose

In Maximo, Select the animation you want to use and Isolate the frame you want.

Step 3: Export

Export your character as an .FXB file with the skin on.

Step 4: Find Additional 3D Models

If you want to add extra models, as I did, you can find premade models on TurboSquid or you can make your own in Tinkercad. Make sure the extra models are .OBJ files.

Step 5: Convert in Blender

Upload the file into Blender.

Step 6: Add Other Models

Add your extra models in Tinkercad or be stupid (like me) and do it in Blender.

Step 7: Upload and Scale Your Model in TINKERCAD

Upload your model to TINKERCAD. Now to prep your model for 3D printing you will scale your model. In the photo, I scaled it up by 24 times.

Step 8: Export

When you have finished scaling your model export it an OBJ file.

Step 9: 3D Print!

Now all that is left is to prep for 3D printing. Please do this as you would any other model, or follow other instructions (I don't have good photos for instructions, sorry).

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