Introduction: How to Make a Picture Frame

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Here are all the steps on making a picture frame right from the start!

You will need:


Wood (size depends on how big the frame is, and your tastes.)


Router bits


Measuring tape


Screw eyes


Wire cutters

If you have come from my instructable,
You can skip the routing steps.

Step 1: Router the Wood

First, we need a groove in the back to hold the picture in. I used a 1/4" bit.

Next, for looks I used a bit for the front.

Step 2: Cutting You Wood

I have a good cut-and-turn method, so after you have changed your saw table to 45 degrees, you will not have to move it again. Measure your cuts right in the bottom of the V of the groove.

After you have measured, cut where you have measured, right in the bottom of the groove.

I am making a 4x6" picture frame, so I am making two 6" ones and two 4" ones.

Step 3: Gluing the Frame

Last step! Put glue on the ends of your two smaller pieces of the frame, and if you have a square frame, put glue on two of the pieces opposite each other. Last, square the frame with your square or against a straight board. If you used a lot of glue, It might be a good idea to clamp it down so it doesn't slip. Now, once it is dry, just screw 2 screw eyes in, and attach wire to it!