Introduction: How to Make a Pie Chart in LibreOffice

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We have already learned how to make a chart in LibreOffice, but bar graphs in most cases are not enough for presentations.

If we want to show how are different shares represented in graphically attractive way, a pie chart is much better option. Fortunately LibreOffice has built-in free pie chart generator too. To show some basic, yet appealing features, I decided to use statistics about popular bridesmaid dress colors in last year.

My resources were:


In next steps we'll see how easy is to make a colorful 3 D pie chart in LibreOffice Calc, free alternative to more known MS Excell.

Step 1: Open LibreOffice Calc and Enter Your Data in Two Columns

Every chart is based on data and with proper planning most of our work will be done in first step. Everything else is mere cosmetics and can be learned or improved with trial and error.

As we can see, we only need two columns, one with bridesmaid dresses by color (you can see colors are arranged by groups, blush and purple, for instance, are attached to pink) and one for percentage of popularity according to our resources.

Step 2: Select Your Data and Click Pie-chart Icon

Now mark both sets of data: color of dresses for bridesmaids in first and the corresponding percentage of popularity in second column.

You can do that with keys (shift+cursors) or mouse.


Don't select number you don't need (in my case this would be the sum of all percentages).

When selection is done, just click the small icon with a picture of pie chart in the LibreOffice's tool bar.

Step 3: Change the Type of Chart From Default Bar Graph to the Pie

By default LibreOffice Calc offers a presentation in form of bar graph. While in some cases this is good enough, we want something better for our particular problem.

It is very easy to switch between different kinds of graphs. Just click pie-icon and check the square with 3 D effect to add some glamour to our presentation. We are talking about weddings after all...

Step 4: Close Chart Dialogue

It looks our work is done. We have made a decent pie chart diagram and there is an appropriate legend with explanation where an observant sees which section corresponds to which color.

Good enough?

Well, it is, but we can make it even better. All charts are made with the same goal - to present data in best possible visual way. To improve our pie chart we will close a dialog box, like it is shown at the picture.

Step 5: Enlarge Your Chart

This part is easy. Just click the corner and drag it until it is big (and more readable) enough.

Step 6: Change Color in the Pie Chart

It's more readable now, but there is one more thing we can do to further improve the reader's experience.

We are talking about popularity of colors of bridesmaids' dresses, remember?

Wouldn't be great to use corresponding colors in chart with colors in our data? Blue colored section for blue dresses, red color for red dresses and so on?

If we want this, we just have to click a section, where we want to make a change and a new dialog box should open.

Step 7: Choose an Appropriate Color for Selected Section in Pie Chart Diagram

Indeed! A dialogue box with a list of available colors opened. There are plenty possibilities to choose from and even for something as simple as black you have several choices.

Just take your time and click when you are happy with a selection.

Step 8: Click the Color Which Suits Your Needs Best

What do pie charts show? Visually appealing data. In our case - colors!

We will click black for black bridesmaids' dresses.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 5 to 8 for Each Section and Color

As you can see, color in section for black dresses already changed to Black and so is in the legend on the right side of the chart.

Now we just have to repeat all the steps for each section.

In short:

  1. click one section
  2. pick the right color
  3. rinse and repeat

Are we ready to see the final result?

Step 10: Brag With Your Super Cute Pie Chart, Made in LibreOffice Calc

Looks great, huh?

This is how do you make a pie chart in LibreOffice Calc.