Introduction: How to Make a Ping Pong Table Out of Cardboard

This instructable will show you how to make a ping-pong table out of cardboard. This is a perfect activity for quarentine and will allow your family to have fun all day long for a minimal price!


1 T.V box (any box that is long and skinny will work)

2 cans of green spray paint

2 large boxes

2 rolls of brown tape

1 roll of white tape

1 roll of medical tape

1 roll of clear packing tape

tape measure


Step 1: Spay Paint

Take your TV box and choose which side is going to be your top, they lay it flat on the ground and spray paint the top green. I reccomend two coats of spray paint.

Step 2: Base and Connection

Take your two large boxes and assemble them as if you were mailing them, then tape them together as pictured in the 1st image.

Then flip your TV box green side down and tape the two large boxes to the bottom of the TV box as pictured in the 2nd image.

lastly flip over your table so that it stands upright supported by your base

Step 3: Netting Cutouts

If you have an attachable pingpong net made for a table this is the point where you need to make your cutouts to put it in. you will want to take your tape measure and measure the length of the tv box. then make a cutout big enough for the attachment to fit inside.

see mine pictured above

Step 4: Lining the Sides

Take your white tape and line the sides of your table as pictured above

Step 5: Siding

Take your brown tape and cover the sides including the hole you cut out.

once that is done take a knife or scissors and cut the tape that is coving the hole you cut out

Step 6: Middle Line

Take your measuring tape and measure the width of your TV box then find the middle and place the tape going all the way to the other side as pictured above.

Step 7: Final Touches

Your table is almost ready to play on, now all you have to do is add your net and grap some paddles. Now you can play all day!

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