Introduction: How to Make a Political Boardgame


-Cardboard (3 different colors)

-Paperboard (Medium Size 39,5 x 56,6 cm)





Step 1: Design the GameBoard.

First, cut one cardboard with the same size as the paperboard.

Then get another cardboard (if it could be green better) and divide it in cards and cut them (you will need 15 approx)

Step 2: Write the Names in the Cards.

Stick the paperboard in the cardboard and draw a space for the cards.

Then write the following names in the cards:

- Senators

- Congress

- President

- Judges

- Makes Laws

- Enforces Laws

- Senate

- Ministers

- Deputies

- Courts of Justice

- General Courts

- Interprets Laws

- Magistrates

And Plastificate the cards.

Step 3: Add the Circuit.

At first you have to buy a circuit similar to the one in the picture, then is coming the instalation.

The first step for the instalation is to make a hole in the opposite site of the of the space for the cards like in the other picture and introduce the button in that hole.

Later we have to do the same but in the other side of the space for cards but, to introduce the bulb.

And conect all with the cable and the pouch pile like in the third image.

Step 4: Put the Supports for the GameBoard

You will need the toilet paper roll tube (x2) to use it as a support.

First, cut both rolls in two parts and stick it in the bottom with a hot glue gun like in the picture.

Now you can enjoy your game !!!!!!