Introduction: How to Make a Portable Charger

This project will be a handmade portable charger that will be able to charge any USB device. This will be useful for me when I need to charge my phone and I am not near an outlet. I will connect one 9V battery it to the USB outlet with clips and wires so that the phone will be charged by the battery. Will be able to recycle batteries when they die so the device will last a long time. I also crafted a circuit with a switch so the battery will have a turn on switch and the battery will not die as fast. This is very handy because instead of having to connect the clips to the wire every time I use it and disconnect them when I am done, I can just flip a switch on the outside.


Small box


USB Cord

1 9V Battery

Battery Clip

USB outlet

Copper wire/connectors


Alligator clips

Step 1: Instructions

Step 1: Connect the battery clip to the battery.

Step 2: Connect the red wire on clip to one of the alligator clips

Step 3: Solder the black wire to one of the wires on the switch

Step 4: Connect other switch wire on switch to other alligator clip so a complete circuit is made

Step 5: Finally, connect the free ends of both alligator clips to the USB outlet

After this circuit is assembled, you can put it in a small box so the wires are together and the project looks neat