How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Introduction: How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Disclaimer - This is a general introduction to creating a basic presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, it is not an all-inclusive tutorial. Steps may vary depending on the version of PowerPoint you are using and the operating system your computer is using. There are no safety precautions with this tutorial.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program. Its possibilities are endless. It can be used in a variety of ways to create simple or complex multimedia presentations. It is often used in meetings and business proposals to present new ideas or concepts. It is used in my workplace to teach new training material to staff. PowerPoint allows users to easily create slide shows that can incorporate text, graphics, videos, and charts. PowerPoints are valuable tools for sharing, teaching, and learning. The following tutorial will guide you through some general steps on how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation.


  • Computer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Information you would like to include in your presentation
  • Any pictures or links to videos you want to include in your presentation

Step 1: Open PowerPoint

Find the PowerPoint application on your computer and click it to open Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 2: Pick a Theme

Choose to either start with a blank presentation or theme provided, then click create.

Step 3: Design Customization

Click the Design tab to see design customization options.

Step 4: Customize Theme Color

One option in the Design tab is the ability to change the default theme color. Pick a color scheme that fits the message you are presenting or create your own.

Step 5: Title Page

Add a title and your name/organization to the title page of the presentation by clicking the text box and adding the text you would like.

Step 6: New Slides

Add additional slides by clicking the "New Slide" button or select the arrow to see various layouts available to select for your new slide.

Step 7: Adding Text to the Body of Your PowerPoint

To add text to each slide, click the title or body paragraph and add the information you would like to present.

Step 8: Additional Slides

Continue Steps 6 & 7 to add additional slides and information to your presentation.

Step 9: Adding Photos to Your PowerPoint Part 1

To add a photo to your PowerPoint you will first need to click on the "Insert" tab.

Step 10: Adding Photos to Your PowerPoint Part 2

Click the arrow next to the "Pictures" button to browse for your photo. Once you have selected the photo, click "insert".

Step 11: Design Ideas

Once your photo has been uploaded to your PowerPoint, a new window called "Design Ideas" will appear. This window displays different title and text themes that might look good with the photo you uploaded.

Step 12: Inserting a YouTube Video Into a PowerPoint Part 1

If you have a YouTube video that you would like to include in your presentation you will need to return to the "Insert" tab and select the "Video" button. A drop-down menu will appear and you will need to select "Online Movie".

Step 13: Inserting a YouTube Video Into a PowerPoint Part 2

Add the URL to the YouTube video you would like to link and click "Insert".

Step 14: Design Ideas

Once again, the Design Ideas window will appear and you will be able to see different formats that might look good with your embedded video.

Step 15: Transitions

To add transitions in between your slides, you will select the "Transitions" tab then select the slide you wish to add the transition to. Once you have selected the slide, you will click the transition you would like and it will be added to the slide. If you would like to preview the transition, you can click the "preview" button. To remove a transition, select "none" as the transition choice.

Step 16: Preview/Present PowerPoint

To preview or present your PowerPoint, select the "Slide Show" tab and then select "Play from Start".

Step 17: Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial of the above steps.

Step 18: Final Product

Here is the title slide of the final product. I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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