Introduction: How to Make a Powerful Metal Bender

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Not just the next project is my most successful project. More than 13 million views on my YouTube channel. Thousands of people after trying to build this tool and restore my success, but I was the first to think of this ingenious idea and that's why my video was so successful.

Step 1: Try Putting Your Hand on a Large Bearing Like Mine

So this is a very simple yet very effective tool! This tool can bend hard irons to precise angles. In order to build the tool it is first of all important to find a very large bearing as in the picture I attached. There you can see that I put my hand on a large 25 cm diameter super bearing.

Step 2: Cut 3 Pieces of 10mm Thick Iron Plate

Next, cut 3 pieces of 10mm thick iron plate across the inside diameter of the bearing, then weld the three together and weld them to the bearing.

Step 3: Cut the Rod to the Handle

At this stage two pieces of a strong steel rod with a diameter of at least 30 mm should be cut. Then the rods should be welded to the bearing. If my explanation is poor you can always watch the video.

Step 4: This Is How It Should Be

This is how it should be, and again if my explanation is poor you can always watch the video.

Step 5: Otherwise Everything Is Ready to Start Bending Metals

My English is bad, so I recommend anyone who doesn't understand my explanation to watch a video on my YouTube channel -

Thank you very much to all my YouTube followers. Thank you for your great support. You are the ones who motivate me to make interesting new videos for you. Without you it wouldn't have happened!

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