Introduction: How to Make a Powerful Miter Saw? With 895 Motor

Hello everyone! today i will show you step by step how to make a powerful and compact miter saw which is powered by 895 motor. Its work from 12-24v. This saw looks like a toy but it is really powerful little beast. Its allow you to cut boards at any angle. I set two most usable angles 90 and 45 degrees.

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Step 1:

All parts for this diy project i found on Aliexpress. I will live links to this parts below:

- 895 Motor 24V 12000RPM

- 895 Mounting Bracket

- Table Saw Accessories

- SK8 Rail Shaft Support

- Rod Rail Shafts 100mmX8mm

- LANBOO short touch button

- 5.5 DC Jack Socket

- 24V4A Switching Power Supply

P.S. If You like you can buy already made saw

Step 2:

First of all, i cut few boards. Sizes 4*8cm, 5*30cm, 20*30 cm. Material oak. Then i glued small piece of wood to the bigger one. That will be stand for the saw.

Step 3:

When the glue dries up, i make some marks for rail shaft support. Drilled few holes, and fixed rail shaft support with screws. Then i inserted rod rail shafts and check how it works. The spring is elastic and will withstand the weight of the motor.

Step 4:

I took an aluminum profile and cut off 20 cm. All wires will be hidden in this profile. Later i will cover holes with wood.

Step 5:

Now i will install 895 Mounting Bracket. Everything should be an right angle. Then i fixed 895 motor to the Mounting Bracket.

Step 6:

Now I'm assembling the saw blade shaft. Again checking if the angle is 90 degrees.

Step 7:

Now we should protect ourselves and our fingers from dangerous saw blades. To do this I use a broken metal angle grinder bracket. Fixed it with screws.

Step 8:

Now i'm installing touch button. The saw will work only when you pressed the button. If something goes wrong it will be stopped immediately. I marked where should be center for the button and drilled a hole for it.

As i already said all wires will be hidden in the aluminum profile. For this i drilled some holes in it.

Step 9:

Now im soldering wires to the bottom, motor and DC Jack Socket.

Step 10:

Now I'm making a guide for the saw. To do this, I use an aluminum corner and a protractor. Glued on the glue

Step 11:

I drilled a hole in base. Screw will be fixing protractor. So we can cut any angle.

Step 12:

I covered wood with some oil, to make saw look more beautifull.

Step 13:

It's time to cut something! I used 115 mm disk blade, so the deep of the cuts is around 4 cm. Its perfect for cutting small boards, aluminium profile and so one. The cut is smooth and clear.

So guys!

That's all. We made a small and powerful miter saw blade. Hope you like it! Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

Step 14: