How to Make a Practical Folding Chair From Wood?

Introduction: How to Make a Practical Folding Chair From Wood?

When riding the Commuter Line, many passengers cannot sit,

so they have to stand and even sit on the floor or bring their own folding chairs from home. Folding chairs can not only be used on Commuter line trains but can also be used when relaxing, such as sitting on the terrace while using a laptop, or when queuing for a long time in a concert queue (takes a long time).

While looking at the small pieces of wood in the barn, I saw several pieces of wood from a pallet. This wood is pine wood which is quite strong and has good fiber. After that I got the idea to make a small folding chair that is easy to carry around and store. You also have to try to make it yourself, it's easy.



40 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm (4 sticks)

29.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm (3 sticks)

26.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm (3 sticks)

29.5 x 1 x 1 cm (2 sticks)

46 x 28 cm fabric

. Super Glue

. Nail Shoot




Pencil / Pen

. Sandpaper

. Nail Tool

. Measuring / Meter Tool


Fabric folding chair design The image in up is the dimensions of the chair we will make. There are 2 parts, outside and inside. The insides are made smaller to fit inside the outer legs. At the top there is a gap of ± 5-10 mm which serves as the entry point for the cloth.

Step 1: We Will First Create the Outer Legs First.

To connect all parts of the wood, we cannot just nail the joints because the connection will not be strong if it only depends on nails. For that we will make a joint at each connection so that the wood connection is stronger.

Step 2: Mark the Part to Be Inserted With Wood.

then cut it to a depth of 6 mm using a table saw or chisel, i used the table saw to make the check faster, a wooden joint like this is called DADO JOINT.

Step 3: Paste With Super Glue All Parts to Be Joined.

Step 4: Before Nailing, Make Sure All Joints Are Angled So That the Results Are Proportional.

Try to use strong nails so that the joints can withstand heavy loads when the chair is sitting, then make the inner legs in the same way.

Step 5: Tuck the Cloth That Will Be Used for the Chair Seat Between the 2 Prepared Holes.

Then glued using glue and wait 30 minutes until it is completely dry, and nails so that it is strong and durable. while waiting you can take a break while taking a Kratom multivitamin which you can get on a website that provides Kratom for sale, to increase your stamina again and once done, you can paint the folding chair in your favorite color.

It's very easy to make your own folding chairs at home, hopefully it can be an inspiration in using used items at home and around us.

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