Introduction: How to Make a Prop in Valves Hammer Editor

A prop is a very useful thing to put in a map. It can add character to your otherwise dystopian maps. In this Instructable I shall teach you to make your very own prop.

Step 1: Making an Entity

This is the first step. If you do not know how to make an entity simply google it. Place it were you want the entity

Step 2: Prop_Phisics

Now we must change the class of the entity. Make it a Prop_Physics, Prop_Static or Prop_Dynamic.

Static props will always be stationary in the map.
Dynamic props are props that can be animated and/or can move with another object.
Physics props are props that can be tossed about (obeying physics like gravity).

Step 3: Selecting the Model

Double click the World Model property name. This will open the Model Browser window. Find and select the prom you want and press okay. Press apply on the Object Properties window.

Step 4: You Did It!

You have completed this difficult task. Now you can fill that void in your map or add a light model in supermarket. The possibilities are endless.