How to Make a Pvc Gimbal

Introduction: How to Make a Pvc Gimbal

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In this instructables I will show you how to make a gimbal using pvc pipe

Step 1: More Details in This Video

Step 2: Increase the Thickness

First take two pieces of 4 inch wide PVC pipe then cut small piece out of one PVC then slides into the other pipe in order to increase the thickness this will help us to mount ball bearings later.

Step 3: Mounting Bearings

Make a hole for bearings and mount the bearings with the help of the pliers. Then take a 2 inch wide PVC and a pair of ball bearings and place it in the holes of 2 inch PVC pipe. Now make two holes and place it in centre of 4 inch PVC pipe using two nut bolts.

Step 4: Central Shaft

Take 14 inch length PVC pipe and place it at the centre of the 2 inch wide PVC pipe and this will work as a central shaft

Step 5: Weight

Take a container and fill with any heavy objects then take a end cap that fit in central shaft PVC and mount it on the cap using nut bolts.

Step 6: Phone Holder

Take a phone holder and mount it on the end cap using corresponding bolt then place it on the top of the long PVC pipe and make a handle using 45 degree angle PVC elbow and pvc pipe.

Step 7:

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    3 years ago

    Maybe you could add another ring on the outside or inside that has springs between it and the rest, to stop the small bumps from moving it around shaking the the camera latterally.