Introduction: How to Make a Quadcopter Drone and Components List

at this time I have published how to make quadcopter

Step 1: Frame

The frame is important because it is where to put the Other Components of Multicopter . Like Mobil , the Frame Body of Multicopter .

Frame type adapted to the needs . For his own material there are various kinds such as PCBs Fiber , Aluminum , Glass Fiber , Carbon , even some made of wood .

Step 2: Motor OR Rotor

Motor is used as the player vane in order homemade quadcopter you can fly and maneuver . There are so many types of motorcycles sold in the market , but there are some things that are required of you noticed. Motor kilovolt be sorted by size , the higher the faster his kV motors also can rotate. Usually when you buy a special bike quadcopter , you will get the specifications such as : how much amperage required ESC and propeller size recommendations .

Step 3: ESC (Electronic Speed Controls)


or Electronic Speed Controls is a component that works set on each motor rotation speed . You need four pieces of ESC are connected to each of the four motors earlier.

Later, the ESC is connected to the battery as a power source via a socket or via power distribution board first. The level of accuracy of motor rotation is very important to maintain the stability quadcopter , so use the appropriate and qualified ESC .

As a recommendation , use ESC contained therein Simonk Firmware , firmware is able to change the refresh rate of the ESC so as to provide instructions per second more than the ESC to the motor

Step 4: Flight Controller

This is the central component of a Quadcopter , in the board Flight Controller on duty there gyroscope sensor for determining the orientation of motion and accelerometer sensor that reads the speed and slope of the quadcopter .

Step 5: Radio Transmitter Dan Receiver

To be more simple , we call it the Remote Controller . If you want to use Flight Controller HobbyKing KK2.0 , at a minimum you should buy a remote controller that has 4 channels .

Usually to control quadcopter , could use 9xR Turnigy brand , the brand is very popular in Indonesia so you will have no trouble in finding this stuff . Turnigy 9xR has 9 channel , so you can use this remote to other projects in the future .

Step 6: Propeller

Better known as Propeller , to create artificial quadcopter you fly , propeller used is 2 pairs pair rotates clockwise and another pair rotates counter-clockwise or so-called pusher .

Step 7: Battery

Typically , quadcopter using the battery types LiPo ( lithium polymer ) , for the project in this article , use a LiPo battery with 3000mAh 3S1P 20C specification . Means the battery capacity is 3000mAh , 3S1P means 3 cell mounted in parallel , with each cell has a 3.7 volt battery means is the voltage of 11.1 volts . while C stands for Capacity, so 20 C with 3000mAh means 20 * 3000 = 60000mAh = 60 A. 60A was issued battery current in a moment .

The greater capacity of the battery , the greater its enormous size , the larger the size of the batteries will add to the load received by quadcopter .

Step 8: Charger

LiPo battery charging process has a difficult process because the charger must charge and discharega on some cell in a LiPo battery at the same time .

The most popular and widely available on the market are trademarks of IMAX B6 Lipo Balance Charger , because it is believed to have the stability of charging .

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