Introduction: How to Make a RC Battle Tank With Motorized Fire

Make your own remote control battle tank with interesting mechanism to Fire ball bullet. This build was one of the more impressive ones, as the final product functions beautifully. One of the most creative video of #crazyNK.

source: Navin Khambhala # crazyNK

Step 1: List of Materials

1. ACP sheet

Size: 24" x 24"

2. 12V DC Gear Motor

100 RPM (4 pieces), 14 RPM (1 piece), 500 RPM (1 piece), 10 RPM (1 piece)

3. Stainless Steel Pipe

Size: 20mm Ø, Length: 40 cm

4. Spring, Allen Key & Metal rod

5. Mini L-clamp

Quantity: 6 pieces

6. DPDT Momentary On Switch

Quantity: 4 pieces

7. Momentary Push Button Switch

Quantity: 1 piece

8. 10 core Rainbow Wire

9. 3.7 V Li-ion Battery

Recommended: Remove from old laptop battery or PowerBank

10. Old Bike Tubes

Step 2: Make a Wheel and Cut the ACP Sheet

Cut the wood in round shape to make a wheel and also cut the ACP sheet in proper shape as shown in second image.

ACP sheet size:

Main plate: 34 cm X 20 cm

Side plate: 36 cm X 6 cm (2 pieces)

25 cm X 6 cm (2 pieces)

Step 3: Attach Motor and Wheel to the ACP Sheet

Attach four 100 RPM DC motor with wooden wheel to both side of main structure to move tank forward, reverse, left and right. Also Attach one 10/14 RPM DC motor at the center of main ACP sheet for the rotation of Upper firing mechanism.

Step 4: Make the Fire Mechanism to Shoot Ball Bullet

Make the fire mechanism using stainless pipe, spring, alley key, metal rod and one 10 RPM DC motor

Step 5: Make the Auto Load Bullet Mechanism

Make auto load mechanism using one 500 RPM DC Motor

Step 6: Make the Remote to Control Tank

Make the remote control using four DPDT switch and one push button switch, Use 10 core rainbow wire for connection between tank and Remote.

Step 7: Assemble All Part Together

Assemble all part together and also make connection between all motor and remote using 10 core rainbow wire.

Step 8: Make Tank Crawler Belt Using Old Bike Tube

Step 9: Decorate the Tank Using Craft

Step 10: Final Functional Tank With Shooting

Step 11: