Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Candle Using Smaller Candles

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You can make beautiful Rainbow Candles using smaller sized candles of different colors. The beautiful looking Rainbow candle in the picture above is made in this way

In this instructable, I will show you how easily you can make the rainbow candle in the pictures above

Step 1: Materials

  • Paraffin Wax Granules about 500 grams
  • Different Wax color powders
  • A water bath with containers for melting wax
  • Suitable mould for making smaller candles
  • A large round Candle mould

Step 2: Assemble Small Candle Making Mould

  • The small candle making mould is in three parts. When assembled fully you can mould about 30 smaller sized candle. We do not need all, so I have assembled half of the mould for 15 candles only
  • Using a piece of cloth, apply coconut oil inside the mould
  • Tighten the bolts which hold the mould properly so that no wax leaks out through gaps

Step 3: Melt Wax

  • We have 7 containers in the water bath for melting wax
  • Add 7 different colors to each of the container and add paraffin wax granules
  • Add water to the large container and place it on the stove

Step 4: Mix Colors

  • Once the water gets boiling, the wax will melt and the level of melted wax in containers will go down
  • Add more granules if required and heat till all wax gets melted and mixed with colors

Step 5: Pour Melted Wax in Mould

  • Lift one container with the melted wax with any color using pliers
  • With a gloved hand, pour wax in 2 of the holes in the mould
  • Do not worry about spillage.Once the spilled wax is cooled, you can just scrap it off with a knife and return it to the container

Step 6: Allow the Mould to Cool

  • Pour each two holes with different colors. You can use same color for the last three holes
  • Allow the wax in the mould to get solid and then place the mould in water for cooling

Step 7: Remove Candles From Mould

  • Once the mould is cooled to room temperature, remove it from water and loosen the nuts and bolts holding it
  • Using a knife pry open the mould and remove the candles

You can see the different colored small candles in the last picture

Step 8: Oil and Assemble Large Mould

  • Pass suitable wick through the hole of large round mould
  • Apply coconut oil on bottom and inside of the mould and assemble

Step 9: Arrange Small Colored Candles Inside Round Mould

  • The large round mould required more than 15 smaller candles to cover the entire circumference. So I have made few more smaller candles.
  • Arrange the small different colored candles inside the large round candle as shown
  • Now the mould is ready for pouring melted wax

Step 10: Pour Wax

  • Melt wax granules in a water bath with out adding any colors
  • Pour the melted wax in the round container slowly in small batches up to the top
  • Once the mould is filled with wax allow it to cool
  • Once spilled wax on the outer surface of mould is cooled, scrap out with a knife and keep the mould in water for cooling

Step 11: Remove From Mould

  • Once the candle in the mould is cooled to room temperature, remove from water bath
  • Trim the wick on top and bottom and remove the mould from the base
  • Lightly push and slide the candle out of the mould

Step 12: Scrap Out Excess Wax and Finish

The first picture shows the Rainbow candle removed from the mould. In this picture you can see that the joints between smaller candles are covered with wax. You can keep the candle as it is.

Otherwise, remove the layer of wax in between smaller candles and clean with a brush

Now our Rainbow Candle is ready. You can burn it on special occasions or keep it in your cupboard as a show piece.

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