How to Make a Reclaimed Industrial Coffee Table




Introduction: How to Make a Reclaimed Industrial Coffee Table

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In this Video I make an Industrial style coffee table using reclaimed wood and square tubing. I get some help from my buddy Tim from Into The Dirtshop on this build. Check him and our video out!

For this build you will need:



Step 1: Prep and Mill Down Reclaimed Wood

  • In this step you want to remove all nails and screws from your reclaimed timber.
  • Take a wire brush and brush the dirt from the surface
  • Cut down your lumber to rough width and length
  • Plane the Wood to desired thickness

Step 2: Glue Up the Table Top

  • In this step you want to arrange your table top in the configuration of your choosing, and glue up your top. let rest over night with typical wood glue, or use DAP Rapid Fuse for a quick 30 minute dry time.

Step 3: Cut Down Metal to Size

  • Cut down all your metal to dimensions necessary. You can use a chop saw with a metal blade, or an angle grinder. Here we cut mitres onto the top edge using the angle grinder.

Step 4: Tack and Finish Weld Your Frame Together

  • Tack your frame together making sure everything is square
  • Then move on to finish welding your frame taking your time.
  • On the top edge, grind down the raised welds using the flap disc and angle grinder

Step 5: Sand and Finish

  • Remove your top from clamps.
  • Sand to 220 grit using random orbit sander
  • Apply 3-4 coats of poly. I used a semi gloss oil based poly spray here.

Step 6: Seal Frame and Assemble Table

  • Finish sealing your table base with the same poly as the top.
  • Assemble the table using screws and tabs.

Thats it! You're all wrapped.

Thank you so much for watching and following along. Please follow me on social media for more updates and projects!

Happy Building

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    5 years ago

    Great table!

    As I just bought a welding machine I'm thinking about projects I could start with.

    Unluckily I don't have that much knowledge about which square tubing is good for which purpose.

    I thought about starting with a table using square tubing of 40x40mm. Could you tell me whether a thickness of 2mm is enough? Or should it better be 3mm? Are there significant stability-differences?


    5 years ago

    The table is great, I'd like to make one, but sorry to say I find the instructable itself a bit short. For example, you don't show how the tabletop is assembled to the frame.

    Still, congrats on the table, it looks awesome!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you !