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Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Skateboard Ring

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In this quick tutorial you will learn How to make a recycled skateboard ring. This is a fun and simple project that anyone can do with limited tools and is a great way to recycle old or broken decks.

I have included a video and broken the process down in to steps for you to skim through! If you make one then tag me in a picture on Instagram or Facebook - my handle is @Zebranowoodcraft.

This is a simple ring but you can get creative to make something unique. If you would like to learn more ring making techniques then head over to where you can find more projects and my Advanced Tutorials.

Step 1: Cutting & Marking

Begin by cutting a rough square from the deck, mine was roughly 5cm squared.

Mark the center of the square by drawing a line with a ruler from corner to corner on the blank.

Then with a compass draw a circle that is about 5mm wider than the desired inner diameter of the ring.

There are many ring charts online to help you determine the required diameter - this is a good one:

Step 2: Drilling a Hole

Move over to the drill press and use a forstner or paddle bit slightly smaller than the required size of your ring (you can sand it to size later). Here I am using a 20mm to give me a size 10.5.

Peel away the grip tape (this step is trickier than it looks!).

Step 3: Shaping the Skateboard Ring

Roughly cut the shape of the ring out using a saw (even a coping saw would work at this stage but I used my scrollsaw for speed).

Use a bench sander, linisher or just plain sand paper to shape the ring as desired. I was pretty successful in achieving a simple round shape but you can get as creative as you like.

Step 4: Hand Sanding & Finishing

Next move on to hand sanding. Sand every surface of the ring, working through progressively finer grits. I sanded mine up to 600 grit.

In this stage you can also sand out the inside to get the right size and taper the edges for comfort.

Time to Finish Him. I used pure Jojoba Oil on this ring to nourish the wood and get a nice feel against the skin. Apply a few coats and your done!

Step 5: Get Creative!

That's a simple way to make a ring with a recycled skateboard but there are endless design ideas you could implement to make your skate rings unique.

If you're interested in learning more ring making techniques or even buying a skateboard ring then visit to see my shop and find out more about my Advanced Tutorials.

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    Such a simple idea, but so cool. Very nice work! :)