Introduction: How to Make a Robot Snake


-Electric wire channel (flat, not round, and no less than 3 feet)

-Circular Beads

-Ball Point Pins (or sewing needles)

- 2 3V DC motors

-Popsicle Sticks



-PCB board



-Super Glue

-Hot Glue

-Acrylic Paint

-Paper Clips


-Wire cutters

- Aluminum Wire, or any thin wire


-Soldering Iron and Soldering metal

Step 1:

Use the saw to cut the electric wire channel into eight 90 mm long strips and round out 5 mm on both ends.

Step 2:

Drill holes on both ends of each piece and cut a square in the middle of
each big enough to fit your bead, so set the bead in the middle of the piece and draw a square big enough around it so the bead doesn't touch the sides and cut the square out. Then, smooth the inside of the squares with the sander.

Step 3:

Take 8 pins/sewing needles and use wire cutters to cut both the little
ball and the sharp part off. Put a bead through each pin and super glue the ends of the pin to the plastic you cut out so the bead is in the hole.

Step 4:

Once the glue has dried, use the wire to connect the pieces together.
Put a piece of wire through the hole of one end and connect it through the hole of the next and continue on until all pieces are connected.

Step 5:

Paint the snake the color(s) of your choice, we used light and dark brown acrylic paints, using the light brown as the base color and the dark brown for the spots. put a paper clip through the extra hole at the start of the snake so you can hang it up to dry. Once dry, remove the paper clip.

Step 6:

Plug in the hot glue gun so it can heat up. Get a popsicle stick and cut the round tops off, then cut two equal size squares from it that are around the same height as the motors. Then, when the glue is hot, glue the square pieces of the popsicle stick to the first piece of plastic in the chain to form a triangle. Once the hot glue has dried, get the two motors and use hot glue to put them flat side side down on both pieces of the popsicle stick with the white top facing up and the round part that sticking down should touch the ground. (we had to redo ours later because they didn't touch the ground)

Step 7:

Take the PCB board and two switches. If the switches don't fit through the holes in the board, carefully drill the right size holes. Put the switches through either side of the board and solder them to the board on the underside. Then use the connecting wires to connect the switches to themselves (in an x pattern as shown on the diagram on the next step) on the underside and solder them in place.

Step 8:

Take two paperclips and cut off the top round part. Put them through the board in front of the switches and solder them to the board on the underside. Take a round battery and put it between the clips. Then, take 2 more paper clips and unfold them until they form a curve and put them along either side of the battery, forming a barrier so the battery can't fall out.

Step 9:

Take your connecting wires and your soldering iron and metal and copy the setup of the wire diagram. Strip the ends of the wires first. It's very important to make sure that none of the wires and none of the metal touches.The long light colored wires attach to the motors to make sure they're long enough to use the board as a remote control for the snake.

Step 10:

Solder the ends of the wires to the motors on the snakes head. Once the metal has cooled down, put the battery in the controller and turn the switches a few times to make sure it works. Note that the switches don't turn the motors on and off, they just reverse whichever one you switched, so in order to make the snake stop moving, you need to remove the battery.

Step 11: Final Product