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Introduction: How to Make a Robot Suit

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Hey Guys!

Have you ever gotten the overwhelming urge to build a freaky robot suit to scare your loved ones but just didn't know how? Friends, your troubles are over! We have a great tutorial here to create your very own robot suit to terrorize the neighborhood. We're always looking for cool new projects. If you have an idea of your own, send us your videos!

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Shopping List

1. Football Toy Chest.
(I saw this at Urban Ore and thought "THAT is my robot torso!" but you could also use a painted cardboard box.)

2. A medium sized trash can.
(For the head. It could be any shape. I chose this one because to fit well with the football.)

3. Two old camera flashes.
(For eyes. Another lucky find, two matching flashes with blue swing up lenses.)

4. Heater vent cover.
(That little piece of metal that is screwed to your wall where air comes out. For a mouth.)

5. Two old Sega Genesis controllers.
(Ears of course.)

6. Big lamp shade.
(We painted this and it became our robo-midsection.)

7. A big sheet of cardboard.
(For the legs. We found this plastic cardboard stuff that was really tough, but regular cardboard would work too.)

8. Dryer vent hose.
(The only thing we didn't buy second hand. Go to any hardware store and buy this classic solution for robot arms.)

9. Plastic scale.
(Hard to describe, just this weird plastic piece with a pointed top that I thought would make cool claws...and it did!)

10. Old "Go-bots" brand 110 camera.
(A lot of you probably never heard of 110 cameras or the Go-bots, but rest assured the robot NEEDED this item.)

11. Old video controller.
(The thing that sits on the robots'll see.)

12. Spray paint.
(I used silver and gold.)

Step 1: The Top Half

Because the football looks cooler upside down the first thing we did was cut a hole in the bottom of the football for our actors head and widen the hole at the top for their shoulders. Moving to the trash can, we cut holes for the eyes and mouth. Then we cut holes on either side of the football for our arm hose thingies.

Step 2: Top Half (Step 2)

Then taped the grill (teeth) in place behind the mouth, bolted the trash can to the football (head to torso) and duct taped the arms in place.

Step 3: Control Panel

Next we cut holes in the chest for both the control panel and the all important "Go-bots" camera. Then, using large amounts of duct tape and hot glue, attached them.

Step 4: Paint Job

Next comes paint. I used a solid base coat of silver, then a VERY light coat of gold to give it that aged alloy look.

Step 5: Accessories

Next using hot glue, we attached the rest of the accessories like eyes and 16-bit controller ears.

Step 6: The Lower Half

You could almost get away with not having a lower half since you don't shoot below the waist often, but it's nice to have the option. So I made my mid-section and legs super simple. An upside down lamp shade and some cardboard taped into tubes. I then cut behind the "knees" of our robot legs to allow them to bend a little. Paint both to match the top half.

Step 7: Pinchers

Like the football, you probably won't find these weird little plastic pieces, so just get creative with designing robot hands. Originally I was going to just spray paint some old gloves silver. I basically cut the plastic scale in half, then taped them together to create a basic hinge. Then using hot glue and cardboard I covered the backs of each claw so you couldn't see the actors hands inside. Finish up with a groovy two tone paint job.

You now have all the key components to a vintage style robot. Mine was pretty uncomfortable to wear. So make sure and buy whoever you get to be inside it a soda...a cold one.

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    6 years ago

    i want your help please help me to do a robot


    6 years ago

    hey can you give ideas for me to do a good basic robots


    7 years ago

    I used to have a football toy chest when I was small cool project


    15 years ago on Introduction

    How are you supposed to see when your wearing this ? The grill doesn't seem to provide a lot of space to see, or does it ?


    15 years ago on Introduction

    Your dad reminds me of my dad...builds stuff, wears glasses and a beard, and is somewhat bizarre.


    15 years ago on Introduction

    I do appreciate your much improved Instructables. You're taking the time to show the step by step rather than relying on the video to tell the whole story. Good job!


    15 years ago on Introduction

    it would be nice to actually have a finished picture of the thing on someone (i know you've got the video...but some folk still like still pictures)