Introduction: How to Make a Robotic Hand Out of Cardboard

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Since I was little I have always loved robot everything!!!! So, here is a pretty simple way to make a robot hand out of things you probably have lying around. Have fun!!!


Cardboard of some sort (I used a tissue box, but I would recommend something thicker.)
Hot Glue Gun And Glue Sticks
Colored Paper

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Trace your hand and about 5-6 inches of your arm on the cardboard. I didn't do this now, however I did have to expand the "arm". Cut it out.

Step 2: Fold

Fold each finger at the base and in the middle. This is where the fingers will bend.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

Cut your straw into 10, 1 centimeter long pieces. Glue the above the folds on each finger.

Step 4: Add Some Rubbber Bands

Put two rubber bands on the arm. One should go on your wrist and one should go on the top of the palm of your hand. Measure on your hand and glue them on.

Step 5: Time to Thread

Cut out 5, 12 inch long pieces of string. String them through both of the straws and hot glue them in place at the top of the fingers.

Step 6: Ring Around the Cardboard

Put the cardboard rings on your fingers and put the hand on. Cut the string down to size and glue the ends on to the cardboard rings.

Step 7: Decorate!!!

Now that the hand is done, you could leave it like this, or you could decorate!!!! I decorated by covering the entire thing with purple construction paper. You could add sequins, glitter, or pretty much anything.

Step 8: All Done!!

To use, slide the hand and rubber bands on to your hand. Slip all of your finger through the cardboard rings. Pull your fingers and move them around to close and open the hand. I hope you enjoyed this robot hand diy.

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