Introduction: How to Make a Rocket Using Connectors in Tinkercad (Connectors)

I will be showing you how to make the SLS Rocket in Tinkercad.

This is fairly simple if you know how to use copy and paste easily.

There's not much else to say so let's get started!

Step 1: The Thrusters

To start you will need to get out a Support Ball from the connectors category. Once you have done that you will duplicate it and then turn it 90 degrees to the left (or right). Repeat this process until you have four different fins at the bottom.

Step 2: The First Part of the Booster

Now you need to get out a Spinning Wheel from the connectors category. Place that in the center of the engine. If you have trouble with this you can use the align tool.

Step 3: Adding Support

Again in the connectors category, get out a Ball. Place that in the center of the Spinning Wheel. Raise it up so that it rests in the spinning wheel as shown.

Step 4: Building Up

Now you will repeat the last two steps. To do this use the Spinning Wheel and Ball to continue upwards. Do this six more times.

Step 5: The Top of the Booster

In the basic shapes category, you need to get out a paraboloid. Again you will center this at the bottom and drag it to top. Adjust the size of it so that it fits perfectly on top of the Spinning Wheel.

Step 6: Duplicating

For the next step group together all of the elements you have right now. Once you have done that copy the booster and paste it. Now that you have your two boosters you can set them aside on your workspace for later.

Step 7: The Fuel Tank Shapes

In the basic shapes category get out a Cylinder, a Half-Sphere, and a Paraboloid.

Step 8: Sizing the Shapes

For this step you will resize your new shape. Set the size of the the cylinder to 35W x 35L x 250H. For the half-sphere first start by flipping it on its back by rotating 180 degrees, then size it to 35W x 35L, and finally make its height 15. For the paraboloid like all the other shapes 35x35 and then make the height 30 or more.

Step 9: Assembling the Shapes

Start off by placing the cylinder on top of the half-sphere and make sure it is perfectly lined up. Next place the paraboloid on top of the cylinder. Also making sure they are perfectly lined up. Now group these all together into one shape.

Step 10: Grouping the Fuel Tank and the Boosters

Put the fuel tank as close you can to the center of the workspace. Next take both of your boosters and put them equally across from each other as shown. Do not group these all just yet.

Step 11: Your Rocket!

Since this is just a pale white rocket and that doesn't look very good, click on the fuel tank. Go to color and choose a deep orange. Once you have done that select everything and group it.

Congratulations! You have just made a rocket in Tinkercad!

Step 12:

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