Introduction: How to Make a Router Planer Jig for Wood Flattening

This time I'll make a router planer jig for wood flattening.
How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


Square 45x45cm wood pieces

2 pieces of plywood

Wood screws (30, 50 and 70mm)

Wood wax or other wood finish


Drill and bits

Palm router

Straight router bit


Step 1: Begining

For one of my projects I want to stack this and few other same size wood pieces on top of each other. To do that I need to flatten top and bottom surfaces. Because I don’t have any thickness planer, I made a simple wood flattening jig from palm router.
All you need is four square wood pieces and two pieces of plywood. First - screwed square pieces on top of each other to get proper height. Next - screwed rails to the jig bed.

Step 2: Attaching Router

Drilled a hole in a sled to make router bit pass through.
Took off router plate and marked securing points. Drilled 4 holes and counter sinked them with bigger bit. With 4 bolt with washers secured palm router to the sled.

Step 3: Finishing Sled

Used two scrap wood pieces to make sled stoppers. They will prevent from going too far.
All sliding surfaces finished with wax to ensure smooth sliding.

Step 4: Securing Work Piece

Secured my work piece by simply screwing with wood screws. Because I’ll stake them on top of each other, all screw holes will be hided.
Attached my homemade router dust collector and vac hose.

Step 5: Planing

And it’s time for planning. Despite attached dust collector - this process make quite big mess all around.
That’s flat enough for me!

Step 6: Planing Another Side

Now it’s need to plane another side. If you don’t want use screws to secure work piece, you could simple clamp it to bed rail.
I made this jig specific for this wood size and shape only. And it works flawless.

If you need to plane some different wood shapes, or you want to make universal router planer jig - I think you got the idea and will adopt it to your needs.