Introduction: How to Make a Rubik`s Cube Stand Out of Cardboard

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Have you ever gotten a Rubik's Cube and not have to place to put it after you give up? Don't dump it in a bin if you care about it. Thanks for clicking my instructable, I hope you like it!



Step 1: Measuring

To measure your cube, just use a ruler to measure one of the whole edges(assuming your cube is still intact)in millimeters. Divide that by two, and that is the number that you will make pieces of. I got 28MM, but please don't be lazy and copy mine, for I have one of those "Chinese ripoffs" that are bigger than then an actual Rubik's Cube piece. Onto the next step!

Step 2: Cutting

To cut your pieces, use your measurements to cut three squares with their sides as long as your measurements. Then, make three squares from big to small.

Step 3: Hot-gluing

To put your pieces together, get your triplet squares and glue them into a corner shape. Then, glue your other three squares, together, smallest on the top, medium in the middle, and the largest on the bottom. After, glue your half pyramid to the corner as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Finished!

You're done with the instructable! This is my first decent instructable, thanks for reading and please vote for me! Bye!

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