Introduction: How to Make a Santa Trap With Makey Makey

Learn how to capture a photo of Santa delivering your gifts with some well placed cookies, camera, and pressure plate.

Step 1: Intro to the Pressure Plate

Watch the introduction.

Step 2: Cardboard for the Pressure Plate

So you've sized up what you might need for Santa's foot and you have cardboard about twice as long.

  • Fold the cardboard in half.
  • Trim the cardboard as needed.
  • Remember we don't want a tripping hazard for Santa. Don't make it too big.

Step 3: Cut Aluminum Tape

Cut three pieces of tape: two smaller pieces and one large.

Step 4: Add the Tape

  • Open up the folded cardboard.
  • On the inside top edge attached the long piece lengthwise.
  • On the bottom attach the two smaller pieces along with the wire.

Step 5: Connect the Pressure Switch

Connect each alligator clips to each wire.

Step 6: Connect to the Makey Makey

Attach the alligator clips to the Makey Makey:

  • One alligator clip to the click button
  • The other alligator clip to the ground

Step 7: Setup Your Camera

Set up your computer

  • Go to
  • Position your camera to get the perfect picture
  • Put your mouse over the button to take a picture

Step 8: Do Some Testing

This is the most important step! Test out your project.

Good luck catching Santa!