Introduction: How to Make a Secret Commiunicator Using Micro Bit

I was inspirated in 'othermachines' you tube chanal.

here what i got from it -

Here what i added on my self -
- lcd displays
- key pad for other micro bit
- power banks
- Extra code for it


2 - micro bits
2 - lcd displays with i2c modules
2 - 4×4 matrix keypad
2 - mini breakout boards for microbit
2 - power banks

Step 1: Suplying Items

Fitstly supply these all items

Step 2: Plug in Micro Bits to Mini Breakout Boards

It's very easy to plug in.
You want to do is just push inside micro bit to break out board

Step 3: Connect 4×4 Matrix Keypad to Micro Bit

Step 4: Connect 16×2 Lcd Display to Micro Bit

Connect lcd display using jumper wiers

Step 5: Get Power to Lcd Display From Power Bank

Micro bit's output voltage is 3V but lcd display needs minimum 5V. There for i used two female jumper wiers
and connected to usb cable

Step 6: Lettering Key Pads

Write letters on paper and stick it to keypad using double tape.
pressing 'shift' will call the shift function.
Shift function sets A to O , B to O , C to Q etc...
(It is showed in a picture)

Step 7: Assembling All Items Together

Assembling all items will make it portable.

Step 8: Coding

Get source code here-

Step 9: How to Use

Type words and press 'B' button in micro bit
Words can be see in other micro bits lcd display.

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