How to Create a Set of Cobra Viper Knee Pads Worn With High Boots

Introduction: How to Create a Set of Cobra Viper Knee Pads Worn With High Boots

My attempt at creating a guide to hopefully help you create this piece of viper kit. These are knee pads that are worn with the high Motorcycle/engineer boos for the V.1 and V.20 as well as the python patrol and Crimson viper. There is nothing like this mass produced so you will have to make it yourself!

Step 1: Materials You Need to Get Started

1/2 a yard of 100% black cotton duck cloth washed prior to starting this build, washing will create contrast between the boots and the knee pads. The UPC for this fabric is 0560-9797
3 yards of wrights wide single fold bias tape (.875 in. Wide) style code 202 031
12 ounces of The cheapest poly-fil you can get
Heavy interfacing (not shown)
BBQ skewer or something similar to stuff the baffles with
Black thread
Sewing machine with a fresh denim needle
Pattern- the pattern is available free to members from The Finest command staff. It will be mailed to you.

Step 2: Cut Your Pattern Pieces

Use your pattern to trace & cut 4 pieces adding your preferred seam allowance.
There is a one inch space at the bottom of the pad to attach it to your boot. You can add as much space as you need for your method of attaching them to your boots, whether it be an awl, rivets or stitching.
Pin the pieces together to form the front and the back of the pads
Cut 2 pieces of the heavy interfacing to measure 10"L x 1"W

Step 3: Stitch the 2 Sides Together

Stitch the pieces together leaving the bottom (flat side) open using the seam allowance of your choice
Stitch the vertical baffles top to bottom
Repeat for the other knee pad
Remove your excess seam allowance

Step 4: Attach the Bias Tape

Measure and cut your bias tape pieces.
Attach the bias tape to the upper portion of both pads.
If you are not familiar with using bias tape there are many great resources on YouTube that will walk you through it.

Step 5: Stuff Your Baffles

This is the most time consuming part of this build!
Take your poly-fil and stage it at the opening of each baffle one at a time.
Use your skewer or similar device to stuff each baffle, stuff them good and tight!
Put on a movie or TV show this will take you a while!

Step 6: Stitch the Baffles Shut

Once your vertical baffles are fully stuffed run a stitch line one inch above the bottom (flat side) to seal it up and keep the poly-fil in.

Step 7: Attach Stabilizer to the Knee Pad

After stuffing the pads you will lose approximately 2 inches of the overall width as the stuffing pulls the ends in.
Attach the stabilizer on one side with a zig zag stitch, stretch the pad back to its original width and attach the other side with another zig zag stitch, once done stitch the rest of the interfacing, while keeping the knee pad stretched with a straight stitch. This will help you with attaching it to the boot shaft.

Step 8: Attach the Knee Pad to the Boot

Attach the knee pad to your boots with your preferred method. You can stitch Velcro to the knee pad and use adhesive Velcro on your boot, you can whip stitch it with an awl, use rivets or snaps.

I hope this gives you some direction trying to create this!

If you are not that handy with a sewing machine commissions are available at $50 per set contact me at-

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