Introduction: How to Make a Shelf

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Today I am making a shelf so it can be hand in the room for small storage and also for decoration any item you want to use everyday item or as a decorative piece so your guest will get amuse by your creativity.

It's a small size shelf which can hold about 2 small size items and 1 big size item and it can be hang on the wall for easy access if you like this tutorial please like and vote for instructables.

if you don't understand something please watch the video.


2 = 6'' x 15 '' Chipboard lamination sheet

2 = 6'' x 24'' Chipboard lamination sheet

1 = 6'' x 11'' Chipboard lamination sheet

10 feet decorative covering

2 = wooden hanger

1.5'' screws

cementing solution

half inches nails

2mm of back sheet size is 24 inches by 16.5 inches

Step 1: Making Rectangle

Place the 6'' x 15'' pieces between the 6 '' x 24'' pieces and drill and make a pocket for screws and then tighten them so it become rectangle shape

Step 2: Making Partitions

place 11''piece in the bottom of center at 21 cm and place one side of the 11'' and tighten screws there so it stays at that position stand the rectangle and place 15'' piece over it and than make the 11'' mark on both side and place screws there also and than mark 7.5 inches on 15'' board and connect it from the bottom pieces making all connect and sturdy

Step 3: Making It Decorative

These decorative covering are good for decorative and covering edges purpose just put and spread the cementing solution on the both the rectangle edges and decorative edges and wait for about 5 minutes then stick them together from cemented surface

Step 4: Covering the Back and Finishing

Place the back sheet on the rectangle and hammer down from all the sides with half inches nails

Place wall hangers on the top side of the shelf with screws

Hammer down steel nails on the wall and hang this shelf there and place all your decorative or daily use items on it.

If you like this tutorial please like and vote for this instructables and if you don't understand something please watch the video.

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