Introduction: How to Make a Shield With Coat of Arms

Hi, today you will learn how to make a shield, that also has a coat of arms on it, wow.


What you need:
  • Pencil

  • two pieces of 11x16 in. paper

  • Ruler

  • 1 16x19 piece of hardwood

  • Rolls of adhesive vinyl tape, 1 clear and the rest should be in the colours that you desire

  • A compass (the one that draws circles)

  • A saw

  • sandpaper

Step 1: Make Coat of Arms:

I skipped this step because I’m using my family’s coat of arms but It’s easy to find some templates on the internet with a quick search on how to make a coat of arms.

Step 2: Measuring the Paper:

When measuring take both papers and tape them together horizontally and you will need to be very precise, take your ruler and use your pencil to sketch out the 16in on top, and the 19 in down. In this project you will be drawing a curve, so make sure you measure out 12.5 in on both sides that will act as the start and end of the curve. To draw the curve use your compass, put the pointy end in and sweep the end with the pencil in it in an arc.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood:

To cut the wood into a curve, take your saw and cut off the largest parts that stand in the way, while making sure that you don’t cut into the part you want to use. To get that nice curve you will then need to take the sandpaper and sand down the edges until you are as close as you can possibly get to the curve you desire.

Step 4: Adding First Layer of Adhesive Vinyl Tape:

Roll out your base colour of vinyl tape onto your shield and cut it at the roll, making sure the tape overlaps the boundaries a bit. To apply effectively pull off the backing slowly while sticking the rest on by sweeping your hand to make sure that there are no air bubbles.

To finish, wrap the overlap around the edges of your shield, cut out the corners for a seamless fold. Take your scissors and cut horizontal lines in the tape overlapping the curve so that it sticks better.

Step 5: Adding Shapes to Your Shield:

To do this you will want to first measure out each shape on the paper that you used to draw the shape of the shield.

Then you have to cut out the desired shape from the adhesive tape that you have, make sure it is exact.

Step 6: Adding Shapes to Your Shield (part 2)

Next you want to place you paper over your shield and use a pointed tool to poke out the basic corners of your shape.

Once indicated, cut out the vinyl tape and stick it on using the holes as markers, on my shield the blue gave the yellow a greenish hue so I stuck another layer on top of that one that I had cut out using the original as a template. To continue, do the same basic thing with the rest of your shapes.

Step 7: Adding Complex Shapes to Your Shield:

When drawing more complex shapes, use the back of the vinyl tape to draw on, but while doing make sure you used your ruler to draw out a box in which the shape must fit in to go on your shield.

Once all shapes have been added I recommend that you add a layer of clear vinyl tape over top of your creation, this will prevent the peeling off of your shapes.

Step 8: Finished!