How to Make a Simple Torch



Introduction: How to Make a Simple Torch

Hello friends, i am a guy love to make things related to tech and main moive is to ma…

Hello friends, welcome again.this instructable is about how you can make a simple 9v battery let,s start ....

if you don't want to read whole instructable , then simply watch the video till end....

Step 1: Things Needed

Things Needed -

> 9v Battery - 1pcs.

> 9v Battery Cap - 1 pcs

> Some Wires

> Bright 5v white led - 1 pcs.

>100 ohm resistor - 1 pcs.

> Bottle Cap - 2 Pieces.

After collecting the required things . let's start making the whole project....

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Just simply connect everything according to circuit diagram and for knowing how to connect then watch the video and make this simple project easily....

Step 3: Working of Light

The working is very simple. it works as when the both pole of led get's connected to suitable battery pole. then the current start flowing.which in result glow up the led flashlight...

Hope you like it....

if you have any question , then ask from me in comment box easily...


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