How to Make a Simple Audio Amplifier Within Rs. 100 ($2) Named Handy Speaky




Introduction: How to Make a Simple Audio Amplifier Within Rs. 100 ($2) Named Handy Speaky

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In today's project, I'll show you how to make the simplest mini sound intensifier based on LM386. This sound intensifier is very easily to make, besides, it's very compact, working with just one power source with a little strain of 6-12 volt.

This is a very simple project of making an Audio Amplifier. This device is very easy to make and also cost feasible.

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Step 1: Things to Gather Up

The things required to make this awesome project are

1. An IC of IC- LM386 which will amplify the sound

2. A 9 Volt battery and its cap

3. 10kꭥ Resistance

4. A Capacitor of 16v, 220Ꞃf

5. A SMALL SPEAKER OF 8ohm, 0.5W

6. 3.5mm AUDIO JACK


8. And Some tools with Soldering kit

Step 2: Understanding the Circuit

The sound amplifier has mainly 3-4 important components.

First, the LM386 micro chip- This is an IC which will amplify the sound. Place the LM386 according to the given diagram to make this project.

Second, the Capacitor- The capacitor is usually of 9 Volt to 16 Volt with 220 mu farad. You can use 10 volt and 220 mu farad capacitor for better results.

Thirdly, the Resistor- This resistor is something like turning up and turning down the sound. You can use a variable resistor to make the adjustable sound but I had make it constant using a 10 kilo ohm resistor.

Forth. the Speaker- the Speaker should be 8 ohm and 0.5 watt so that the sound produced by the speaker would be very convenient to listen.

Step 3: Arranging the Components


Solder all the components to the IC-LM386 as shown in the picture.

Note- The long wire of capacitor
represents the positive terminal and short one- negative.


Now, solder all the components with the speaker.
You can also take the reference of the diagram.

Step 4: Finalizing the Components

Now, take the 3.5mm audio jack’s wire and solder it as shown in the diagram.

And then Solder the switch with the battery cap.

Step 5: Putting It Into the Box

Now, take one small container with the dimensions same to that of the speaker.

and, Attach the speaker, the switch and the battery cap respectively.

Step 6: Final Step and Your Handy Speaky Is Ready

Take a small plastic and paste it at the bottom of the speaker for the base.


You can use this "Handy Speaky" during your travelling, jogging, in home, in garden and in many places. This is very low cost as well as portable too.

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    Daniyal Shamsi
    Daniyal Shamsi

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    Hey!!...Great project!!..awesome..


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    Thank you :)