Introduction: How to Make a Simple Circuit

In making this circuit you will just need a couple of things. These are things that you might just find it in your home.

In this picture I just attached the negative battery to the positive. But you could still use the case.

You will need:

  • 30 cm. positive and negative wire
  • scissors
  • battery case for the circuit
  • LED bulb
  • battery

Step 1: Cut a Small Portion of the Wire Into Half.

Use a pair of scissors to do this. Be also careful not to cut the inner wire.

Step 2: Cut Rubber of the Wire.

Cut the ends of the wire. The other one is small and the other one is big. This step is a bit tricky so it would be easier if you will use a sideling blade. Since I still don't have a sideling blade I will use some scissors.

Step 3: Place the Battery to Its Case.

Remember to place the negative side to the negative part and do the same to the positive one. It is okay if you don't have any case you could connect the negative side of the battery to the positive side by taping it together tightly.

Step 4: Twist the Copper Wire.

Before you twist it, clean the copper wires using a smooth scissor so as you connect it to the battery it would work.

Step 5: Connect the LED to the Wire.

Remember positive to positive and negative to negative.

Step 6: Connect the Negative Wire to the Negative Side and the Positive One to the Positive Side.

Ask a friend to hold the wire at this point.

Step 7: You Now Have You Simple Circuit.