Introduction: How to Make a Simple DIY Micro Quadcopter.

Hello I am Sankeerth and this is my first instructable. Here I am showing you a simple way to make a micro quadcopter. I always wanted to make a quadcoper. I have tried it many years before but it didn't work. This your year I gave it a go.

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Step 1: Materials Required......

  1. A board of plastic
  2. The template(in the images)
  3. Micro quad-copter transmitter and receiver (I used H8 mini's)
  4. 3.7v 150 mAh Li-Po battery
  5. Coreless motor 7x20mm - 4 nos
  6. Propeller
  7. Double Sided Tape
  8. Hot glue gun
  9. Cutter

Step 2: The Template.....

Download and print the template.Stick the template on the plastic board and cut out the outline carefully.

Step 3: Soldering the Motors...

Take your receiver board and solder the motors to it correctly.

Red wire is Positive

White and black wires are negative.

Solder it in the same order as shown in the picture.

The motors of opposite sides should be rotating to the same side.

Step 4: Attaching the Parts to the Body....

Take your receiver board and stick it to the middle of the body using a double sided tape.

Stick your motors using hot glue 1.5cm away from each of the legs.

Install the propellers to the motors carefully. All the propellers are not the same. Each propellers are bend differently. The propeller of the opposite side must be bend to the same side. When it is not properly installed, it will be unable to take off or it will roll over or throw.

Then stick your battery on the underside if the body using the double sided tape.

Stick the legs cut out from the template using hot glue 1.5 cm away from each of the legs.

Step 5: Liftoff.......................

Your DIY micro quadcopter is ready.

I am not so good in controlling the quadcopter. Play the video to see the flight...........

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