Introduction: How to Make a Simple Friendship Bracelet With Letters Beads

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This is an easy friendship bracelet made from black threads and acrylic letter beads. If you plan to make some jewelry gifts for the coming Thanksgiving, why not try this simple one? ^_^

Step 1: Supplies:

Leather cord

Acrylic beads

Step 2:

1st, cut off a 60cm leather cord, and fix the end for convenient weaving;

2nd, take another 100cm leather cord, tie a knot at 6cm far from the top of the middle cord, keep the left and right of the tired leather cord the same length;

Step 3:

3rd, keep the left and right leather cords as the working cord, tie fourteen square knots;

Step 4:

4th, slide a letter bead “T” onto the middle cord, and then tie a square knot again;

5th, do the rest five letters of the word “thanks” in the same way, you can also make up other words, such as someone’s name;

Step 5:

6th, continue to tie thirteen square knots, cut off the extra working cords and fix them by tying a knot.

Step 6:

7th, make both ends of middle cord overlap together, cut another 15cm leather wire and tie six square knots around the middle cords, then cut off the extra cords and tie a knot, use glue to fix it if necessary;

8th, cut the redundant leather cord and tie a knot at each end.

Step 7: Done!