Introduction: How to Make a Simple Motion Sensor Led Light (Revisited) (PIR)

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Hi Again!

Now, I am here with a new Model of PIR Simple Motion Sensor Led Light!

The Previous Instructable had Portability Issues and a Resistor Problem.

In this Version i have made it more Compact and Easy to keep with a little improvement which i got from comment.

Kits would be soon available for Grabs.

Message me to Book one. Price would be Only 7$ + Shipping ( would be estimated according to country)

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Step 1: Gather All the Parts

Let's Make!

First of all List of Parts Required:

1) PIR

2) PCB

3) BC547

4) 1k

5) Screw Terminal (2 Pin)

6) 4 White Leds.

7) Long Male Header (3Pin)

Sorry.. forgot to click pictures of parts.

But you could search the part image on google ;)

Step 2: Circuit

I Slightly Modified it from my previous instructable.

Now it has 1k in between transistor and pir. by which it reduces the drop out voltage of transistor.

Step 3: PCB Eagle Board File.

Taking measurments of PIR Was a Lot difficult but the measurment tool in eagle cad, made my day.

It helped me take a good measurments and helped to find the middle of the board

See Picture how i figured out the size and where to place components.

Step 4: Toner Transfer , Etching , Drilling ....

If you don't know how to do this then Please see these steps in my previous Instructable Here.

Step 5: Let's Start Soldering - Solder Screw Terminal

Solder the Screw Terminal...

Step 6: Solder BC547 Transistor

Solder BC547...

Remember The Position.

Step 7: Solder 1K Resistor

Solder the Resistor...

Step 8: Solder the Leds

Now Solder Those Leds.

No Need to Drill holes for it.

Because these would be soldered directly to board.

Step 9: Now Solder the Header & Join the PIR

Now Solder The Header to the Board and then with the other header on the PIR.

Step 10: Finished!

That's it!

We have made a Cool Looking Compact Motion sensor Light.

Now Power It ON with 12v Regulator.

Give it a warm up time of 20 sec.

Now it should light up leds when motion is sensed.

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