Introduction: How to Make a Simple Nerf Grenade

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this, my friends, is a simple yet effective way to dominate your enemies in Nerf wars or cause shenanigans with your family and friends. Read on to find the destructive potential of the Nerf N-strike Threeshock grenade (still working on that unofficial name).

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Generally, all you need is rubber bands, a metal opening o-ring, and a few good ol' fashion nerf darts.

Step 2: Group Up the Bullets

To make the most important part of your dart grenade, tie the bullets together with two of your rubber bands. one goes on top, on goes on bottom.

Step 3: Add Your O-ring

To maximize efficiency, stretch part of that top rubber band out. Clip the o-ring on. this makes the fuse.

Step 4: KAPOWIE!!!

Boom, boom, boom, and you're done. Now, when you pull the o-ring, the front rubber band will slip off/snap, causing the back rubber band to eject the Nerf darts when you throw it. The physics of it is really complicated, so to dumb it down for us, here is the play-by-play:

1: the front band's pressure is relieved.

2: the back band squeezes on the darts, spreading the noses apart.

3: when thrown, the air resistance pushes on the darts, causing them to spread out even more.

4: the bullets spread out and come out of the rubber band. the result is a frag-grenade type bullet spread.

Causes even more damage with more bullets. thanks for looking at this intstructable!

By Nerfman21

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