How to Make a Simple Nintendo LABO Target Practice

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Nintendo LABO Target Practice

My sister and I recently bought a Nintendo Switch. So of course we got some games to go along with it. And one of them was the Nintendo LABO Variety Kit. I then eventually stumbled upon the Toy-Con Garage. I tried some things out, and that's when I made this Toy-Con Target Practice.


You will need the following:

-Nintendo LABO Variety Kit

-Nintendo Switch console

-RIGHT Nintendo switch controller

-Nintendo LABO RC car targets

Step 1: Make the Toy-con Scanner- I Mean Blaster!

Go to "Make" in the Nintendo LABO Variety Kit and select the extra part next to the minibike(The one that looks like a horn). follow the directions, and make the Toy-con scanner!... Er... I mean blaster! (It's called the scanner because you can make your own arenas in the game mode of the minibike, but in Target Practice, I call it a blaster).

Step 2: Inserting the Controller

Just stick the controller in the back of the scan- I mean blaster! Make sure the IR motion camera is sticking through the front.

Step 3: Open Toy-Con Garage

To open Toy-Con Garage, go to the DISCOVER section. in the bottom middle, there is a sewer with the words "Toy-Con Garage". Select it. (If you have not opened it before, it will say "Secret Lab). If you completed all the discover lessons, it can also be found in the play section.

Step 4: Input

Let's start by selecting the button on the bottom left-hand corner that says "Input". Then select "If a button is pressed" and select "Joy-Con (R)"

Step 5: Selecting the Button

Select the gear next to the button node and all the buttons should be green. Tap the ones that you don't want to be triggered when you press. So now the only one(s) that you want to be pressed should be green.

Step 6: Middle

Now select the bottom middle button that says "Middle". Then select "And".

Step 7: Connecting Nodes

Next, drag the blue part of the button node. You should see a white line where you are dragging it. Drag it to the red part of the "and" Node.

Step 8: IR Input

Now go to the Input again and select "If an IR marker is seen". Then drag the blue part of it to the "and" Node in the red spot that's unoccupied.

Step 9: Sound

Now go to "Output" and select "Make sound". Then select one of the sounds. When it shows on your screen, tap the gear button next to it. Play around with the settings to find the sound you want it to make! (Mine is SFX 1 G). Now drag the blue part of the "And" Node to the red part of the sound Node.

Step 10: Test

To test, put the right Joy-Con into the scan- I mean blaster! Now point the IR motion camera (the little black thing at the bottom of the right Joy-Con) at an RC Car target. Now press the button you chose! Did it make the sound you selected? If so, good job! We're almost done!

Step 11: Bullseye!

Now go to the "Middle" Nodes and select "Bullseye". It should pop up directly in the middle of your screen. You do not need to connect it to anything, just leave it there.

Step 12: IR Size

Now select the IR detector you have out. Hold onto the sizing tool on the bottom right-hand side. Make it so big that it stretches across your entire screen.

Step 13: Play!

Now enjoy your Toy-Con Target Practice! It should only make a sound if you have the target in the middle of the screen. Play around with it to make it your own!

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