How to Make a Simple Powerful Audio Amplifier With 4440 IC

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Powerful Audio Amplifier With 4440 IC

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this is a Quick tutorial video where I have made everything.

Step 1: Pin Numbering

there are 14 pins in the ic. There are 1 to 14 left to right.

Step 2: GND Connection

Connect the pin 2,3,8,14 as the GND.

Step 3: Connect Capacitor

Connect the 1uf 63v capacitor with the 4440 IC. Connect the +ve Leg of the capacitor with the 4440 IC 's 1st pin.

Step 4: Speaker Connection

Connect thre speaker terminals with the pin 10 and 12

Step 5: Power Input

Pin 11 will be the 12v power input and for the -ve connection use the GND. GND and 12v are used for input power.

Step 6: 3.5 MM Jack

Step 7: Audio Jack Connection

The golden wire will be connected o the GND.

Capacitor -ve will be connected with the 3.5mm jack's Blue wire.

Step 8: 12v Battery

I am using the 12v Battery for the power. You can also Use 12V wall adaptor

Step 9: Lets Test

Connect the headphone jack with Your phone and plug and play.

Step 10: Heat Distribution

When the volume of the amplifier is set to max then IC will be too hot to touch so, I suggest you use a proper Heatsink..

Step 11: Circuit Diagram

Hope You guys will Understand and if you want then you can also make this in very cheap.

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    3 years ago

    It's very simple good I used to build amplifier in year 1993 but I had to but lots of capacitors ,,which was a hard work and we used old pcb s scap and drill holes ,, and did wiring here and there mass but to be carefully made ,,really I did not believe if it will be so powerful ,, I made it but was in doubt but its 100 % good thanks


    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    If it is so easy so why people use 4440 ic with many transisitor and capacitior?