Introduction: How to Make a Simple Water Tank Overflow Alarm

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Hello friends, welcome you to my instructable . This instructable has been made because of the reason that sometimes the water tank become full and the water start felling , then there is a big loss of water & electricity .so, I had made this tech that you can easily use to get a buzz sound when your tank become full which you can use to off the water pump in time to save water and electricity.

So, let's start......

Step 1: Simple Water Tank Overflow Alarm

If you don't want to read the whole instructable, then simply watch the video till end.

Step 2: Things Needed

>BC547 NPN Transistor - 1 piece.

>100 ohm resistor - 2 pieces.

>Buzzer 9v - 1 piece.

>1000uf/25v electrolytic capacitor - 1 piece.

>Blinking led - 1 piece. (for indication)

>Switch - 1piece.

> Rainbow Cable - 1m length.

>9v Battery - 1piece.

>9v battery cap - 1 piece.

You can easily get these things from your local electronics store.after getting the required let,s start making the circuit........

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Just Connect all the needed components according to circuit diagram and make the water level indicator easily. if you want to download the circuit diagram then download it from the given link - Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Working of Water Tank Overflow Alarm

The circuit works same as the water level indicator circuit which is my previous instructable. i had simply replace the led with buzzer. so, when water touches the sensor probe then it switches the transistor and the transistor do the same work as it is done in water level indicator circuit .it simply connect the negative of buzzer and led to negative terminal of battery and the led and buzzer goes on and we get a loud buzz when tank gets full and also a led indication.

if you want to see the water level indicator instructable , then click the link given below and see it and read everything........Simple Water level Indicator

if you have any question related to this project then ask from me in the comment box.

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