Introduction: How to Make a Slime Stress Ball

A viral trend that has been going around is people buying, and making slime. I have decided to put my own twist on this trend. With this instructable you will be able to learn how to make your own slime stress ball. If you're stressed out and want something fun to calm you down. This slime stress ball will help you get through the day. It's something for kids, and adults of all ages to enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

1- Bottle of elmer's glue

Half a cup of- cornstarch

2-3 drops of- Food coloring

(Optional) Fish Netting stockings,

Purchase balloons with a texture/ pattern on it.

1- Pair of scissors

1-Clear plastic water bottle


Step 2: Before You Begin

First make sure you have all of your materials. By taking the correct measurements using measuring cups you can be sure to have enough of your materials. Depending on how many of the stress balls you are wanting to make. Your materials, and how much you use will vary. This specific recipe will make two of the stress balls. If you make more of the slime, this will allow you to make even more of the stress balls.

Step 3: Pour All Your Materials Into the Correct Measurements.

Keep in mind that you might need to add more of certain materials to get the correct consistency of the slime. First pour one bottle of glue into a bowl, then add two to three drops of food coloring. Then add 1/4th cup of shaving creme, the more you add the more of a fluff your slime will have. lastly add 1/2 cup of corn starch, and mix till you have a thick slime texture.

Step 4: Create a Funnel.

Get a plastic water bottle that is thin, and easy to cut into. Create a line that is going all the way around the top part of the bottle. Using scissors carefully cut at this line all the way around the bottle. You will only be using that section of the bottle. Throw your remains away, next take the lid off of the bottle, and put that opening into the open section of the balloon. This will create a funnel to put the slime into the balloon. Carefully take your slime, and using a spoon (or anything else you think you could use for this process). Push your slime into the balloon, this could be a messy process so try to make sure you are careful while doing this step. (In the beginning of this instructable this process is included in the video)

Step 5: Tie Off the Balloon, and Put It in the Foot of Fish Nets. or Use a Balloon With a Pattern on It for Texture.

Next take your balloon that is full of slime and tie it off. So that it is secure, and will hold for the following step. Take your balloon and place it into the foot of fishnet stockings. Twist the balloon so that it creates a separation between the balloon and the rest of the stockings. Make sure that the balloon is tight in the stockings and tie a knot. Make sure that it is secure you don't want this knot becoming untied. Or you can use the second option by buying balloons with a texture that is what I did in this example.

Step 6: Make a Cut Where the Balloon Meets the Fish Net.

If you use this alternative for the stress ball texture. Make sure you accurately cut the fish nets. Using this alternative instead of just a balloon that has a texture on it. Will put you at a higher risk of your stress ball poping, try and keep that in mind.

Step 7: Repeat

This reciepe makes a total of two stress balls. After you go through and make the first one use the rest of the slime to create a second one by following the same steps as given, Lastly enjoy!