How to Make a Small Pet Mansion

Introduction: How to Make a Small Pet Mansion

This is a very easy way to give your small pet a fun experience.

This project will take about half an hour.

Step 1: Getting Started

First gather these things:


exact o knife

hot glue sticks

hot glue gun

2 paper toilet tubes

1 small 1 medium 1 large box

extra card board

Step 2: Building It

First cut the flaps off the sides. Then draw a square on all of the boxes where you want your chimney to go and draw other squares on one side of the small box and both sides on the medium box and one on the left side of the large box so you can put your paper toilet tubes on. After cut all wholes out using your exact o knife. If you want you can paint it but I decided i didn't want to. After take 3 slaps all different sizes small medium large. Take the small box and the small flap and hot glue it in the middle of the small box and do the same for the others.

Step 3: Adding Extra's

Take the extra toilet paper off the toilet paper tubes. Then attach a small piece of cardboard to the bottom of the tube with the hot glue gun do the same for all the rest of the boxes. When the glue dries attach the tube to the whole on the side of the small box. For the chimney cut 2 pieces skinny and 2 wider pieces hot glue them together to make a rectangle then glue it to the whole on the middle box then add a little piece to the bottom of the chimney do the same to the rest of the boxes. You can also add stairs. Now your done! Thank you for making my project!

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    4 years ago

    That would be really cute for a mouse or gerbil :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Ya! I made it for my gerbils they love to explore!