Introduction: How to Make a Sofa C-Table

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We made this sofa table for Steph's new sofa. The table is highly customizable to your own needs. Change the measurements based on where you are going to use the table. The table can be built with or without the added under the top iPad storage.


This project uses simple tools and materials. You'll need select pine 2" x 2" boards, lots of wood glue, stain, and a few tools.

Step 1: Watch the Video

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Step 2: Prep and Cut the Boards

2"x2" select pine boards are perfect for this project. The edges are nice and sharp and the faces are smooth. We bought five six-feet 2"x2" boards. Remove those stickers before you get started.

Cut the boards to the following lengths and amounts:

(7) 26 inches

(7) 12.5 inches

(7) 11 inches

The smaller cuts are about 1/2 inch longer than the finished measurement. After the glue-up, the edges will be cut to the finished length.

Also, cut four scrap pieces of the 2x2 about 2" long which will be used as spacers.

For the top and bottom, alternate the shorter pieces using the scrap pieces to keep the spacing. Make sure the joint edge is square. The opposite end is the one that will be trimmed. Note: be sure the layout for the top and bottom are mirror images of each other. One should have three spaces at the joint end and the other should have four spaces at the joint end. You want these to match up with the longer, taller section.

Glue and clamp the boards and allow them to dry overnight.

For the middle, taller section, arrange the boards using the spacers at one end to keep the spacing correct. Glue and clamp and allow to dry.

Tip: clean up the glue on both sides before it dries. The dried glue is extremely difficult to sand out.

Step 3: Sand and Assemble

Sand any uneven spots or dried glue. This would be a good time to use a planer if you have one otherwise, just keep sanding!

To assemble, match up the joints and glue into place. Use a clean rubber mallet to help persuade the parts into place. Use a carpenter's square to be sure the top and bottom are perpendicular to the side.

Allow to dry overnight.

We decided to add a pop of color to the inside of our table and then stained the remaining surfaces.

We added a couple of poplar boards to create a space to slide in an iPad. We used 2"x3' 3" wide poplar board. Cut the board into three 10.5" pieces and then cut one of the pieces in half lengthwise. Glue and clamp half pieces to each of the other pieces. Let dry and then glue into place to the underside of the top.

Step 4: Enjoy!

The table can be used at the arm of a chair, moved in to be used as a tv table or used on the floor like a tray when you need to work, but your puppy needs a bit of attention!

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