Introduction: How to Make a Song in Microsoft Bit by Jacob Dabreau

This is how to make a song never coded before it’s simple and easy


Microsoft bit

Step 1:

Step 2: How to Start

Go to input then click on pin p0 pressed then bring that over to the right

Step 3: Step 2

You want to go to loops and click repeat 4 times do take it and put it into the input and change how many times you want it to repeat by clicking where the number 4 in and typing the number

Step 4: Last Step

You want to go to music and use any thing you want from there and bring them in the middle of the input and loops and you can change the beat or melody by clicking on the white areas when done put in order by clicking and dragging the to play it click on number you choose such as 0 1 2 located on the bottom of the panel

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