Introduction: How to Make a Spring Gun

to day I will show how to make a spring gun useing parts I had laying around this is a cheap but works

Step 1: Parts Needed

you will need these parts

1/2 PVC pipe

1/2 T way

1/2 college

A can


1/2 copper pipe

A key pin

A rod

A pop cap

1/2coner PVC piece

Step 2: Handal

ueing a saw cut 3in off your copper pipe know you have both parts of your barrel the 3 in on the back of the T and the other part of the barail in the front using a 4inch long PVC in the bottom then the corner part over that the coller and cap will go over the long barrel when your done it will look like the photo showen with rope wrap the pin around the handal twice your rope needs to be abel to reach the can which I will explain in the next step

Step 3: Making the Ammo

to make the ammo drill two holes in the can one on top and one on the side the top needs to fit the rod and the one on the side needs to fit your pin with little room to move around

The rod needs a coller on the top to prevent the rod from slipping in the can to far ones u do that put the rod through the can put the spring on next this will be your ammo

Step 4: Loading the Gun

to load the gun pull the rod back top put the pin in which will be the trigger some times the pin will need to be made with to stay but when that's done the ammo will stay then to fire just use your finger to pull the pin out

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy and make one your self

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