Introduction: How to Make a Squirrel Feeder

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

In this Instructable, I will show you how I made a Squirrel feeder for less than $5.

Remember Squirrel's don't Hibernate, so they need food all Winter, this is for the people that love to watch them Eat and play.

I have also included a video and plans to print out, enjoy

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need the following:

Empty Pickle Jar ( I used a Gallon jar )

1 Picket fence board

Circular or hand Saw

Drill and 1/8" drill bit

Tape Measure


Speed Square

1 5/8" long Screws for Outdoor use ( I used Deckmate screws )


Hole Saw or Jigsaw

Center Punch or you can use a nail


Step 2: Cut the Parts

First measure down the end of the board, as shown 16" long, mark and cut. Use the speed square when ripping.

Now change the saw to cut at 15* degree angle. Then measure down 8" and cut it.

Then change the angle back to 0, and flip the piece over and measure down 8" and cut it.

Step 3: Cut Parts

Now we need to cut some parts a little different. Measure down one side and mark at 9 1/4" and on other side mark at 8" and take your square and connect the lines, as shown in the pictures. Then cut it, then take the piece that we just ripped and flip it over onto the board, mark it and cut another one, we should have 2 pieces just alike.

Now we will cut another 16" long piece, note keep the scrap piece, we will use it later.

Step 4: Draw for Holes

Now we need to make the hole for the jar opening and side holes .

I used my jar as a template, and a roll of Duct tape for the side holes.

Step 5: PreDrill

Now gather all the pieces, and mark according to my pattern, use a punch and a 1/8" drill bit, predrill all the holes.

Measure over from the sides, 3/8" for the 1/8" holes.

Step 6: Drill Big Holes

I used a adjustable hole saw, I bought at Harbor Freight, for the big holes. I used it in a Drill Press.

Note you could also used a Jigsaw to cut out the holes.

I also use a round over bit in my Router table, to round over the edges, you could just use some sand paper.

Step 7: Assembly Time

Now is time for the assembly, I started with the Front piece ( the one where the Jar goes in). Attached it to the side pieces as shown with clamps. Predrill the holes again after clamping with the same 1/8" drill bit, then install the screws. Then attach the roof piece, the same way, then the bottom piece and finally the back.

Step 8: Cut a Few More Parts

Now that we have these parts assembled, take your left over piece of wood, and cut 2 more parts. I used a piece of round sandpaper for the pattern, and my speed square to make the straight lines. I then cut these parts on my Scroll Saw.

Then attached then with screws like the pictures.

Step 9: Finish

Now we are ready to hang up the feeder, find a good spot on the tree, and hang a height that you can reach the jar easy, attached to the tree with 2 1/2" or 3" long screws made for outdoor use.

Put food in the jar, and insert jar in the hole, and wait for the squirrel's to come. I made this one for my Mom, she loves to feed the Squirrel's and birds, it gives her hours of enjoyment. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.

If you can't follow my instructions here, please check out my Youtube video included, it might make more sense.

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