Introduction: How to Make a Squirrel Saw

earlier this year, someone I know was wanting to get a scroll saw, and I ended up hearing it as a squirrel saw. So I decided to make it as a x-mas gift... sorry I posted it a bit late.
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Step 1: Make Cardboard Templates

make one squirrel body, 2 squirrel hands, and a chainsaw, and, to make it freestanding, 4 legs

Step 2: Cut Out & KITTY!!!!!!

cut out the stuff in cardboard template
I had a kitten pass by when I did this, so, to relax, watch kittens!!! #totallyofftopic

Step 3: Put Together

use glue for this

Step 4: Enjoy

glue it together and use it as a multipurpose desk item collector, or a paperweight

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