Introduction: How to Make a Starbucks Refresher Lemonade

This will show you the steps necessary to recreate popular drinks from Starbucks.

You'll need:

A shaker

Juice or Tea




Optional: Flavors

Step 1: Ready a Work Space

Make sure your work space is clean and void of anything that could be damaged by getting wet.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Get everything you need ready for your drink, this includes a shaker, a cup and lid, lemonade or water, and the refresher or tea. you want.

Step 3: Identify What Size Drink You Want to Make

Choose the right set of measurements according to the size drink you want to make.

Step 4: Pour the Juice

Add the tea or refresher to the bottom line of the shaker, for a stronger flavor of the tea/refresher add a little past the line.

Step 5: Add the Lemonade

Next add the water/lemonade to the next line up on the shaker.

Step 6: Optional: Add Flavors

If you want any other flavors or extra sweetener, now is the time to add them, the shaker will have the recommended amount labeled. 3 for a tall, 4 for a grande and 6 for a venti.

Step 7: Add Ice

Add ice to the next indicated line on the shaker.

Step 8: Top the Lid and Shake

Make sure that the lid is securely on the shaker and shake 10 times.

Step 9: Pour the Drink

With an appropriately sized cup, carefully pour the drink into the cup.

Step 10: Top With a Lid and Finish

Put a lid on it and add a straw then enjoy.